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What you need to know about moving to NC.

Do you need help buying the home of your dreams?

Nicole and Debra love NC! Combined they have lived here over 50 years!

Even though the internet gives you access to more home data than ever before, there are many parts of the buying process that a professional can help you navigate.  We have a write-up on the most popular towns in the Raleigh area – here. Also, we know the answers to these questions and more:

  • What is the traffic like?
  • What neighborhood has lots of activities and will allow my kids to make instant friends? 
  • Where can I live that has a big yard for my dog?

    Can I live near work but also live “away from it all”?

Hopefully, you have been using a real estate agent to find your dream home, but if you don’t already have one, you have nothing to lose hiring a buyers agent. Having a real estate agent in your corner doesn’t cost you any more and having one saves you money in the long run.  We can help you do a market analysis of the house and neighborhood that you are going to purchase.  And we know the best way to structure the offer that will increase the likelihood of your offer getting accepted. 

We can help you navigate a strong sellers market

What is your budget ?

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Is it Better to Buy or Rent a home?

BUY! According to a 2020 study by Smart Asset, Raleigh is the #9th metro area in the nation where it is currently better to buy than rent, particularly if you are looking for more than a 2-3 bedroom.  Raleigh area ranks high across the nation in terms of “high school graduation rate (19th-highest in the study, at 89.10%). Raleigh ranks toward the middle of the study for its relatively high down payment-to-income ratio of 0.82.” According to its study, the average rent in Raleigh is approximately $1,111.00 where the average monthly mortgage payment is $926.00. This is based on a 4% interest rate and putting 20% down on the average house.

Home Buyers - Determine your Area

Commute time, schools, neighborhood amenities, convenient shopping, desired lifestyle, along with home features help determine which neighborhoods or parts of the Triangle will feel the most at home to you.  

Do you like the suburban or small town feel of sidewalks and neighbors, or do you prefer larger lots and privacy? 

Do you think being close to the pulse of city most important?

 All of this is possible in the North Carolina Triangle! Take a look at more information on the following towns – 
Holly Springs

Know your financial situation & budget

As you are house hunting it is important to get pre-approved for a loan so when you find the house you like, you are in the position to put in an offer. Part of that equation is your credit report.  Know what is on your credit report and make sure you correct any mistakes you find. Your credit report tells the bank your history of honoring your debts.

 Another crucial part of getting a home loan, is knowing your current income and debt.  There are many on-line tools and calculators available to help you determine how much you can afford.  The price of the home is only part of the equation,  Your downpayment, the current interest rate, whether the community has an HOA fee, taxes, your current salary and your current debt obligations all factor into your maximum monthly payment.

In a hot market, you’re looking for a lender with a reputation for closing loans quickly, and delivering on promises. I have strong relationships with a few lenders that come highly recommended.  Contact me if you need a recommendation for a home loan officer.

Thinking of buying a home?

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